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Pop Question

16 Sep 2012 —  The more…, the more…


How would you correct this?

People want to pay less taxes

The more they destruction, the longer recovery.


Click one or more options to read about the possible changes.



(1st clause)

The more they destroy, the longer…



(1st clause)

The more the destruction, the longer…. 



Change recovery to the recovery. (2nd clause)

The more…, the longer the recovery.


Change recovery to they will need to recover. (2nd clause)

The more…, the longer they will need to recover.


recovery – getting back to a former or better condtion

parallel wording – like grammatical structure; noun-noun, verb-verb, clause-clause

like (adj.) – of the same form, appearance, kind, character, amount, etc.

longer (adj) – refers to a comparative amount of time